So who is Sachin Bhatt?  since childhood, I was interested in technology like smartphones, PC, games, and gadgets still, I love to play games a lot.

Like my name was suggested from a great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, so I also used to play cricket lot in my school days, this is the only sport that I always and still prefer to play. I was also rewarded by many awards in the school for athletic activities.   

I have recently completed my graduation in B.COM, but I know you are confused that why I did and then doing Digital marketing?. Yes, let me tell you that I did my graduation and along with it in 2014 I also joined a digital marketing institute. Because I  knew that doing graduation in India will land in into a company with low-income and as per unemployment in India, I also might not get one for me.  

My family had a business background and they wanted me to get a government job like you know the Indian parents hehe. So I knew that its impossible and I have to do something which changes my life. This thought started developing another guy inside me, I realized that online will be the future. In my school times, I had posted a video of a PC game called GTA San Andreas on Youtube which has generated thousands of views and at that time I realized that the online world has a huge potential, then on that video, I have connected Adsense which is a Google’s partner program to earn money from your youtube videos and that’s also used for other platforms, Adsense wasn’t working properly here in India like they have a lot of restrictions in approving back in 2010 and 2011. So when I connected my Youtube account in the Adsense, I started earning some dollars and after 3 months it was 10$ in my account so I searched about this on the web and I got someone saying that Google pays you per click. With that, I used my creepy mind haha, and started clicking my own ads and the account was banned after a few days of doing this thing because Google doesn’t allow that. 

I left all of this and started my college but after 7 to 8 months in 2014 winters, I saw an advertisement about digital marketing experts they are teaching to learn money online. So at that time, I paid Rs. 25000 for 3 months of course, and I knew that I got the potential inside me to earn online but didn’t have guidance behind me who can teach me about all of these things. 

Like I have mentioned above I had a piece of great knowledge and interest in technology-related things, in 2014 December after getting proper knowledge about the online world I have launched my own technology guide portal called 

Finally, I had completed the course and I got my certificate on digital marketing but still, I was nowhere with a big zero in income. But now I had the knowledge to start to grow an online thing so I started researching along about this and started implementing it on my website. Then I realized that the institute guys were not knowledgeable enough and after 6 months of continuous work, I achieved my first income of Rs. 500 which I just used to have Dhosa (lol), and spent it all in one go. Unsurprisingly with that much work, I have started generating thousands of visitors to my site.

That attracted a sponsor and they started paying $100 per month which was Rs 6500 per month with that, it keeps on increasing as in each year I set a new income record in terms of earnings. within two and a half years I have crossed by dream income-earning that was 50 thousand per month. Later I broke that record in double and triple sometimes. But now I have stopped sharing my real income due to many reasons. 

I own many other sites and those where doing very fine and generating a lot more income. With time I learned that no one should be reliable on a single source of income. It’s been more than 5 years since I am properly or you can say full time in the field of digital marketing and gained a lot more experience and knowledge. 

With this all, I have launched this site called Sikho Digital to help you and grow your online profession and guide you to earn your first online income.  

I am also one of the experienced digital marketers in delhi you can read more about on the page.