These are the differences b/w digital marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional MarketingDigital Marketing
User TargetNoYes you can define your targeted audience
CostHighLow you can run your marketing campaign
Return on Investment (ROI)LowYou will get high return on investment
TrackingNoYes you can track your progress
People Reach


Without the internetWith the internet without internet, online marketing doesn’t exist
CommunicationOne wayTwo way
Target marketThe message may or may not hit the target market which you have selectedDue to analytical data, your marking will hit the exact targeted audience
AdStatic and unchangeable once you have published an ad you can’t change itDynamic and can be revised, suppose you have published an FB ad and there is something wrong in it then immediately you can change it
FocusBusiness ProfitUser satisfaction + business profit
People ReachLowHigh

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